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Want to upgrade from Console Gaming?

It can be baffling knowing where to start with Gaming PC's, with modern games becoming more and more power hungry, and the every changing range of hardware available to consumers knowing where to start can be very difficult. 

At The Laptop Doctor we are proud to use our many years of experience to offer the best support, and solutions to suit each individual users needs, whether you be a Newcomer to the PC Gaming world or a Seasoned Veteran, we're sure to offer what suits you and take the time to fully understad who you are and what your interests are (Video, Music or Photo Editing, Casual Gaming, or 'Stay Up All Night Until I Win This Game' gaming) to offer a personalised experience. For those who are relatively new to PC gaming, and have little previous experience, this means we are able to give you as much confidence as possible.


Already know what you want?

Get in touch by Email or better yet, come to see us in person, let us know what you want, what sort of budget you have, and we'll return a quote to you, usually within 48hrs.


Not too sure what you're looking for?

Come by and grab a spec sheet for one of our pre-configured PC's, put together to offer optimal performance at set prices. (Pre-configured systems starting at £699.99).
Alterations, Changes & Upgrades available upon request. Allow up to 48hrs for a requote


As passionate enthusiasts ourselves, we take pride in the quality of every build, whether it be a budget system, or a £2000+ build, they all get the same treatment, and attention to detail.


Interested in seeing our work?

Use the gallery below to take a look at just some of the PC's we've built

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